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An Animated Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008

Embarrassed about this blatant plug, but I’m really excited about what we’re doing tonight at work, so I’m sharing it with all ya’ll.

Our film series, Dawn of Japanese Animation at Japan Society, opened to great success last night with a sold out house. The program was even deemed HIGHBROW BRILLIANT – we’re right next to Catherine Deneuve’s ankles, and kiddy corner to Gob and Tobias! That’s HUGE!

How is this related to food, you ask? So tonight, it being Vday and all, Ryo and I are mixing it up a bit and trying to make our night of “Horror and Comedy” animations a Vday date destination. I’ve worked all morning in trying to get cool prizes for our HORRIFICALLY ROMANTIC RAFFLE, and am pretty damn proud of what I was able to dig up. Prizes include gift certificates to Kyotofu, and a pair of tickets to a sake tasting lecture with the Sake Samurai at Astor Center. HOLLA!

So I’m trying to intice you to bring your date to Japan Society tonight for a night of excellent animations from the 1920s-40s AND fun prizes. We’ve even got a live narrator here from Japan- she’s so AWESOME!!!

Gift This: Kyotofu for Vday

February 6, 2008

Valentines Day is coming up (BARF), and while I am usually cynical about this day, you can win me over with a box of yummy treats from Kyotofu. I’m so easy!

As Sonja reviewed in December, Kyotofu is a cutesy little restaurant specializing in nouveau t0fu in the unexpected neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. They’ve recently expanded their menu to include savory items, but their “thing” is definitely the sweets. Lucky for us they sell their cute little cakes togo in the front of their restaurant.

Chocolate souffle cupcakes

Matcha, almond, hojicha, and chocolate financiers– these are my favorite- so dense and delicious

Hand-dipped green tea chocolate tea cookies

Maple honey muffins

Blue cheese muffins

Chocolate souffle cupcakes– so light, lovely, and darling!

There are selling a special assortment of their cakes and house-made truffles in this nice box for Vday for $25

Or, just pick and choose as you wish and take it all home in this box. Just like cake boxes in Japan!
Kyotofu will also be hosting a special Vday night with a prix-fixe 3-course dessert menu which will include sake and champagne. Ooh la la.

My calendar is currently wide open on February 14- c’mon boys, ask me out!!!

705 9th Ave (btwn. 48th & 49th Street)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-6012

24oz of Delicious MEAT

March 18, 2007

Ok, so I am not one to fine dine too often, but this past Wednesday I took my lover out for a mean steak in celebration of March 14th – Steak and Knobber Day. For those of you that are not familiar with this holiday, it is one month after Valentine’s Day, and the focus is on the man. It is his day to be spoiled and he gets what any man desires – a phatty steak and one heck of a knobber (am I allowed to say that word on a food blog?) .

Anywho… so, the 24oz of delicious meat was not David my BF (oh how I wish) but rather it was the most delicious slab of BEEF I’ve had in my life. It was a medium-rare 24oz bone-in rib eye from Palm – a very well known place for steaks. The portion was really enough for two so I suggested to David that we split it. Of course he’s not going to want to share a steak when it’s my treat and because he would rather have the 16oz filet – excuse me! Whatever, more for me! So I enjoyed the most juiciest, flavorful, mouth-watering steak ever. Mmmm, and you know what the best part of it all was – those pockets of white, soft fat that just melts in your mouth like butta! OH man! You know what I’m talking about. The reason why I love the rib-eye so much, it’s such a fatty (and PH phatty as well) steak – that cow cellulite sure does make for a great flavor boost. Pure heaven.

Well, if you care to know – David’s filet was good too. Completely different but good in it’s own way. Hands down the 24oz rib eye was a much better selection and was better than Fleming’s and Roger’s that are also good steak houses. Anywho…. I know many of you have dined at Palm as they are everywhere, but I must encourage the rib-eye as it was the And I’ll try to end this post without an inappropriate MEAT comment since I know there are respectable adults (here, the A is pronounced with an A in apple sound). Toodles.


White Day

March 14, 2007

A month ago, if you asked me what I thought of the Japanese system regarding Valentine’s Day I would have given two enthusiastic thumbs DOWN. The first two weeks of February are madness. Pretty little Japanese girls swarm the streets and consequently, the department stores, in search of the perfect overpriced box of chocolates for their boo and other less overpriced boxes for their coworkers. On February 14, the girls get nothing, and the guys sit back and enjoy the benefits of all the gift-giving.
I refused to participate in such shenanigans – until the two other women in my department approached me suggesting that we pool our piggy banks to purchase a little something for each of the male coworkers in our department. To be uncooperative was not an option. So, on February 13, we got 7 boxes for 600 yen. That broke it down to about a little over $10 for each of us. Not bad. And so February 14 was taken care of.

The “tradition” here in Japan goes, a month later there is White Day when the guys “return” the Valentine. In the workplace this means, the guys return chocolates to the women who gave them gifts a month prior. So this is where I say “meh, the Japanese aren’t THAT fucked up about Valentine’s Day.” Whereas the women in our office gave gifts collaboratively, the men individually give gifts to the women. So, little crispy bags of dainty chocolates from France and cake boxes galore! Pictured is what is left of my horde fest from yesterday. (Pierre Marcolini Chocolates, Satie Nama (Raw) Chocolates and L’Occitane en Provence soap)
-yoko in tokyo