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Blood Oranges Improve Quality of Life

April 7, 2008

There was a point last week when I realized that I had been out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 10 days straight- mostly past midnight. This means I ate out, didn’t get enough sleep, was hungover or overdosed on coffee, which resulted in bitchy, near-nervous-breakdown behavior everyday.

This sort of crazed single lifestyle (never quite “swinging” however) also means an empty refrigerator. No joke, my fridge contained only eggs and half & half for 3 weeks. It was totally depressing.

I’ve had an epiphany of sorts. I need to improve my quality of life. It’s shit right now.

So this weekend I stayed home. I watched 5 movies for work, screened my phone calls, baked bread again, and vacuumed (er, swiffered). I went out just once to pick up my dry cleaning (I had dropped it off a month ago), go to the farmer’s market and finally bought light bulbs (nothing more depressing than a half-lit apartment). It was a weekend of personal cleansing and serious down time.

Aside from a well-lit apartment and bread baking, quality of life also means squeezing your own oranges. I’ve had this awesome vintage juice squeezer that I bought in college, that has been collecting dust since moving to NY. Blood orange season started a few months ago, and I would just pass them by at the market. It was time.

They are a little pricey, I got 5 for $2, which is on the cheap side. But they are gorgeous!

From Cali. HOLLA!
Def bloody.

My juicer! It’s Umami Mart green, and I’ve had him for 8 years. I’m sorry I neglected him for so long.
3 oranges yields only this much juice, but is a good amount for me. Blood oranges are significantly sweeter, with a tart finish.

What does one do with the rind? It was so sad to just throw these out.
Blood oranges remind me of Italy. I remember buying them at the market when I lived there and squeezing them every morning. Happy memories. They even sell blood orange juice in the grocery stores there- Matt was obsessed with this stuff when we went in October. Yes, he even took this picture.

There’s something so gratifying about squeezing your own oranges rather than pouring it from a carton though. It’s a soul-pleaser. Blood orange season is going to end at any moment now, but I’m determined to always have oranges in my fridge now to remind me to stop, slow down, squeeze, and enjoy life a little more. OMG that is so cheesy.