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Indonesian Yellow Rice Combo

April 2, 2008

We recently had a very happy family gathering, Tessar took a break and came home last week, my daughter also returned from Rochester for the Easter weekend. During the get together, we invited some very close friends over for dinner on March 22.

Instead of cooking Chinese (which would have caused me a lot of work and too much time to prepare the dishes), I chose to prepare the Indonesian Yellow Rice combo dish. It’s a traditional Indonesian cuisine appeared on any kind of celebration occasions.

I would briefly breakdown the combo ingredients as follows:

1. The yellow rice was cooked with coconut milk, lemon grass stick, indonesian bay leaf (salam), lime leaf, with adequate turmeric powder (to make the yellowish look) and salt to taste.

2. The combo dish was completed with:

  • Indonesian beef stew (the dark brown color one), that was my husband, Antonius’ contribution, he is very good at it (it took him a long time to cut the meat, stirred over in the pot etc. :). Materials are: beef shank (cut into pieces), indonesian bay leaf (salam), grinded garlic, shallot, candle nut, chilly, and of course, coconut milk.
  • Fried mini potato cake (round shaped, with a bit of ground meat inside).
  • Fried mini corn cake (corn pieces battered with eggs, deep fried)
  • Chopped fried tofu mixed with shrimp, sauteed with the Indonesian spice.
  • Fried pee wee eggs (hard boiled first), mixed/covered with spicy sauce (tomato chunk,chilly, garlic and shallot)
  • Shredded fried eggs
  • Cucumber pieces to garnish

Each of the above were displayed on top of the yellow rice, made a nice decoration. The base to accommodate the rice is the banana leaf, also is used traditionally to add more aroma to the whole dish.

Happy eating whenever you can,

Editor’s Note: Jennie is Tessar’s mom- remember when I raided his fridge? She is awesome and sent me this delicious recipe and pictures above. Drool. If you have anything you’d like to share with other UM readers, I will post under the contributor name “UM Guest”, so please feel free to email me at