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Eating Well in Iraq

May 12, 2007

By Jane Stillwater

When I went to Iraq as an investigative reporter last month, I sort of surprised myself by discovering that the first thing that I investigated was the food. U.S. soldiers weren’t re-enlisting at a fast enough rate at the beginning of this gruesome “war” and when they took a survey of soldiers who didn’t want to re-up, the military discovered that it was because of the lousy food.

So now that is all changed. Even the MREs — Meals Ready to Eat — are practically gourmet. They come in 22 different varieties, including beef enchiladas, jambalaya, chicken tetrazzini, pot roast, vegetarian mushroom omelets, roast beef with gravy and BBQ pork.

And while I was in Iraq, I just couldn’t keep away from the DFAC — the dining facility. It was like the buffet table on a cruise ship. I swear! Plus they also had a
pizza bar, a pasta bar, a potato bar, a salad bar and, most important of all, a dessert bar to die for.

I’m going back to Iraq in June — ostensibly to continue my “I Love Lucy” kind of journalistic reporting on the bloodbath that used to be Baghdad. But secretly, just between you and me, I suspect that I’m really going back for the food!

Editor’s Note:
Jane Stillwater is our first guest correspondent for Umami Mart. To read more about what she is up to in Iraq, visit her blog! She was also on the cover of SF Gate a few months ago, about her endeavors in Iraq.