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Never Underestimate Yourself; or How to be a Fatass Overseas

January 29, 2008

1. Eat stinky tofu in China. Check.
2. Eat street food in Hong Kong like Tony Leung. CHECK!

Okay so ever since the first time I saw Chungking Express I’ve been in love with Tony Leung. Then I noticed that he is ALWAYS eating street food in movies. I’ve had this obsessive dream of eating street food in Hong Kong and it has finally been realized. Now I only had one day to eat to my heart’s content but luckily my best fatass-partner-in-crime happens to be from Hong Kong. This is going to be one long entry but it just serves to show how ridiculous I was that day.

First things first. I had to eat some sort of street food because I am the easily distracted kind and it was possible that oops, I’m back in NY and I didn’t eat street food in Hong Kong like Tony Leung OMG! Peawok took me to his usual joint where we just partook of some light nourishment.

Love this! Just throw some tables on the sidewalk and start eating noodles at 10 am. It was next to a live poultry shop. You know, the kind where you pick and they chop.

Toast with condensed milk and honey, raisin toast with honey and butter. This only tasted good because I was in Hong Kong.

We walked 15 minutes and then felt slightly fatigued…
Where could this be…

Looks like a normal, cute cafe.

A nice clean black and white interior.

Wait, can you read the writing on the plate? If you can’t, it says agnes b. le pain grille. Yes, agnes b. has their own restaurant and cafe! Wtf! Apparently Armani has a restaurant as well but no time for that.

Served up fresh bread nestled in an origami-ed napkin. The bread tasted like pizza, why??

This was “Seafood Bisque” on the menu but you can see for yourself that it was soo not creamy enough. But it was actually deliciously crabby so why am I complaining!

I’m not quite sure why I ordered this because I usually try the stranger items on the menu. Camembert and green apple on a toasted baguette. It tasted delicious.

Okay okay that’s all normal and well and seems like a good sized lunch, no? Well as I say in the title do not underestimate yourself.

Coffee eclair. Notice that they BRAND the dessert. Like, in case you forgot where and WHO you were eating.

White choco mousse cake.

Hazelnut cake.

Mille feuille.

Wait…ordering four desserts for lunch isn’t normal? Whatevs, it’s agnes b. The food is like the clothes…pretty good and normal but overpriced for what it is. Oh and also the service was making me kind of antsy. We had individual bottles of water and every time we drank any from our cups the waitstaff would patter over and unscrew the bottles, pour an ounce into the cup and screw the caps back on. This happened about 5 times so I stopped drinking water because I got so nervous. But I felt special and that’s all that matters.

After shopping for a couple hours I saw something glittering in the distance.

A random cafe in a mall. Okay, whatever goes. JUST KIDDING. It’s the cafe of L’atelier de Joel Robuchon. Yes.

Yes the restaurant is right next door and yes those are mall escalators leading you to a $300/person meal!

I just settled for something little. Green apple juice!

A salted caramel tart, one layer of mousse, one of caramel and one of choco ganache.

I was so sad that I had to limit myself when there was this:

But this was the best:

So now you know how to write “this label is not edible” in Chinese.

Then I bought a box of macarons. The shell was so thin and and tender, perfect. There are too many macaron photos in the world so sorry to bother you with this one. But sorry NY does NOT have any good ones. (If you are wondering why they’re all cracked it’s because I immediately squashed them)

Directly after exiting the mall of dreams, we started feeling a bit peckish.

This is Mak’s Wonton House, or some other name like that. It has apparently the best wonton noodle soups with a few locations (I think there is one in LA as well).

And it WAS good! The broth is the same for all the noodle soups but the toppings are different. I got shrimp dumplings which were just shrimps in wonton skins but delicious! The noodles were very thin and slightly chewy and the soup was on the greasy side but mild. It reminded me of ramen in a way. This bowl would fit in your hand and cost ~$4. I’m sorry but that is way too expensive for fast food like this especially considering I could have eaten 4 bowls easily. Actually I should stop complaining I ate this quite awhile ago!

Ooh artsy photo #1:

I really wanted to eat street food again so we stopped by this dessert shack. Actually they served noodles and other savory foods as well but my friend threatened me with physical violence if I ordered any more.

A very thin cold soup of ground black sesame. I could distinctly taste almonds that might have been used to cut the amount of sesame. Loved this! But totally needed to gargle and rinse afterwards.

Sago/tapicoa in sweetened coconut milk. I was so impressed by the desserts here because nothing was overly sweet or cloying. They were boarding on bland but both desserts were the mindless-eating-inducing type.

Stopped in for another dessert at a very chain type place.

OMG how can you NOT be in love?? Mango sorbet in thinned coconut milk with sago, cuts of mango peeking out and a scattering of that wonderful fruit the POMELO. The colors the colors! I think I’m going to make this at home.

Okay but that was all mere child’s play. This is how Peawok and I really roll. Two people does not equal two dishes.

I forget what kind of greens these are but I eat them in the US as well. What are they?? We needed to start light.

Shrimps in sweet and sour sauce. Freshness matters! Tasty but so messy. I love how they tried to be class with the flower!

Chicken in a clay pot(?). Sometimes I think chickens are different in Asia. Like, I’ve NEVER seen those parts before…

Squid over vermicelli with garlic. So surprisingly good! But I think I read in Amy Tan once that squid should “roll into lucky balls” when fried. Why aren’t they lucky balls.

Mystery mess.

Oh, it just turned out to be rice steamed in lotus leaf with mystery meat.
I saved the best for last.

I order this in Chinatown all the time. I have no idea what it’s called but it’s basically a big pork patty with mushrooms and water chestnuts chopped into it. A pork pie. The one I usually get is literally swimming in an inch of oil so by comparison this was healthy (I’m sure…). I love this salted preserved fish they put on top that tastes like heaven but smells like feet! “Unfortunately” they only have salted egg here.

Of course, we had to end on a sweet note. Mango with cream, pomelo and sago again. What a great combination.

I ate so much.