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Fridgin’ Out

February 8, 2008

I know, this “what’s in your fridge” shit is so tired! But I’ve been wanting to blog about these specific food finds, so I’m just gonna bite it and start the “Fridgin’ Out” column. What a DORK.

Here’s this funky herb concentrate stuff that I got at a little Argentinian bakery in Jackson Heights called Terma Serrano. Mariana, whose family is from Argentina, urged me to get this– she says you add it to soda water. It reminds me of an alcohol-free version of digestives like Fernet Branca or Cynar, or coca cola. It’s an interesting, bitter, herby flavor.

Fridge Lifeline: at least a year.

I know I was all about Greek Gods yogurt a few weeks ago, but I was too broke, so got the Erivan stuff instead. Easier on the wallet at $2.50 for one of these bigger tubs. And it’s really runny, no thickeners, so it’s not so heavy. I love it! This is my second tub in two weeks.

Fridge Lifeline: one week.

I picked up these little packets of Otokomae “Johnny” tofu when I went to Mitsuwa a month ago. So creamy, milky and delicious- and love that picture of “Johnny” on the front. I haven’t eaten this one cause it’s too cold out for cold tofu (don’t waste this by cooking it!). I hear that they sell this at Sunrise market in Manhattan, so get on it!

Fridge Lifeline: Another month?

Greek Gods Yogurt

January 17, 2008

Ok, this may be the best yogurt I’ve ever had in the US- I like to think of myself as a bit of a yogurt connoisseur, and I’ve been through many favorites in the past few years (Stoneyfield Farms, Brown Cow, Fage).

The Greek Gods line is from Washington, and is thick and creamy yet airy, and this honey version is just subtlely sweet. They also have pomegranate and fig that I can’t wait to try! Kinda on the pricey side, but gotta pay the price for good yogurt.

Thanks Fumi for introducing me to this! I know they sell it at Whole Foods and Fairway for sure.

Gift This: Best Pears in the World

December 21, 2007

Roach’s dad sent her a box of these gorgeous “Royal Riviera Pears” which can be ordered online here. They are absolutely the sweetest pears I’ve ever had- juicy, silky, delicious. We think they are from Oregon.

Mel was kind enough to give me three! We just can’t get enough. Each pear have their own unique shape- no two are exactly alike. One is your regular Andy Pipkin– chubby and stout, another is all curves– the perfect 34-24-36. They are beautiful!

Aya just ordered a box for her bf’s parents. The perfect gift!

On the Importance of Butter

March 4, 2007

i always like to think that you can tell the quality of a restaurant in the quality of the butter they give you before you get your meal. more often than not, i’ve experienced that when the butter is good, the meal is superb. i’m talking about cold butter, slightly salted, hard and creamy- it is a subtlety that is an artform, the perfection of butter churning (the butter at French Laundry, above, was dreamy- they came in these darling golden ramekins. the butter however, was the highpoint of the meal, but more on that some other time). i’m drooling just thinking about it. and this isn’t something you really think about, until you get BAD butter with your bread. when Lauren and i went to dinner at AOC Bedford in the West Village last night, the butter was super soft and greasy and just all wrong. the meal, case in point, was also disappointing.

so it turns out that i am a terse critic when it comes to butter. which brings me to the french butter, Isigny Ste. Mere (pictured), i bought last week in the cheese section at Whole Foods for only $2.99! i’m no francophile, and i was really wanting the butter from italy, but it was a bit over my budget at $4.99 (and that’s the average price!). and i was a bit skeptical at how cheap this stuff was, but i am a frugal gourmand and my friend Fumiko, who spent some time in Paris, reassured me that “it’s french, it can’t be that bad.” and it isn’t! this stuff is great! for the price, i highly recommend it.

green tea frenzy

March 1, 2007


*Matcha flavored low fat yogurt from Trader Joe’s. so effing good. creamy and tastes like green tea pudding. i guess they came out with other flavors under the “European Style” yogurt line- i highly recommend it, give it a whirl.

*Pinkberry– is this so last year or what? i first heard about this through my friend Beth a month back and since then everyone seems to be talking about it. even the NY Times did a whole feature on this frozen yogurt chain a few weeks back. i guess it’s been big in LA and it’s finally made it’s way over to NYC. i went to the one in Chelsea just this past weekend and i guess there’s another in Koreatown.

anyway, i think that what makes Pinkberry stand out is the fact that it actually TASTES like yogurt. it’s got that tartiness of it, which reminds you that you are eating chilly, icy yogurt, as opposed to god knows what that’s in Tasti Delight. there are only 2 flavors- plain and green tea- which makes it easy to choose. the green tea was a bit too tart which loses the flavor of the green tea, but pretty great that it’s a choice. the toppings are awesome- cap’n crunch, coco pebbles, juicy fresh fruit- but a cup of this stuff is pretty pricey ($5 for a plain small with 2 toppings), so it’s a good thing that they are not on every corner…yet…