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A Saturday Lunch at Peter Luger

February 13, 2008

“No other steakhouse serves a porterhouse so breathtaking” –Frank Bruni, The New York Times

Mr. Bruni, I coudn’t agree with you more. Some of you might already know that I am a huge fan of a tasty piece of steak. Many might also know that I am an even bigger fan of delicious burgers.

Recently I had the pleasure of indulging in both. A few weeks ago I went to Peter Luger Steakhouse (PL) with three wonderful friends, I enjoyed my meal so much that I have decided to share the experience with you. A good friend was in town and my roommate was smart enough to book us a table on a saturday. You see it isn’t always easy to get reservations at PL’s. Our friend, a steak loving man, was truly delighted when he heard the news that we were off to PL’s. For those of you who haven’t been, when you walk into the Brooklyn location you can almost imagine the hustle and bustle of its early days. You see the Brooklyn location was established in 1887 and was initially called “Carl Luger’s CafĂ©, Billiards and Bowling Alley” and was frequented by the predominantly German residents of the area. In fact PL is so old it predates the opening of the Williamsburg Bridge. Holy Smokes!

Anyways back to the meal. Since I am still a hard working student PL’s steak prices are a little too steep for me. Luckily for those who are on a budget, PL offers an AWESOME lunch menu that includes a Luger-Burger for under $10! Yes, I am serious!

So since I am on a budget I ordered the delightful yet simple burger. This is not your fancy sauce filled burger, it is a meat lovers burger. The ground sirloin patty is amazing to the taste. The only toppings you get are an onion chunk and cheese all on a toasted sesame bun. SOO GOOD!

To make a long story short I truly enjoyed every bite. What made the lunch even more memorable were the good times shared with my friends AND a Diane Feinstein look-a-like sitting behind me (that’s her walking away in the pic!). I literally stared at her 100x. It was great. And it helps to have generous friends who order the steak, wink wink.

Oh and by the way the steak is better to the taste if you let it sit for a few minutes to let the meat soak in the juices.

Peter Luger Steakhouse
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Get Directions

(718) 387-7400

* approximate times

$100/ 2 Weeks/ NYC: Day 1 & 2

March 25, 2007

before i start, let me lay out some ground rules for $100/ 2 Weeks/ NYC:
– i cannot be “taken out” for a meal, but i would love it if you would cook for me!
– i will, however, graciously accept “in-kind donations” if we go out. example, if you get a side of fries, i am allowed to steal a few (something i would do anyways)
– having drinks is INCLUDED in the $100 limit
– generally, i don’t eat breakfast (bad habit i picked up when living in italy), just yogurt and granola if i do at home before leaving the house, so i will usually only be talking about lunch and dinner (but will include breakfast if i spend $ on it at some point)
– i may not be able to find time to blog everyday, but you will just need to trust that i am not cheating

ok, here goes!

Friday, 3/24
Total Spent: $6

– leftovers from Sepi’s delish Nouroz dinner party
–> $0

– decided on Mee Noodle Shop in midtown after seeing a performance at my work. a bustling chinese takeout place (at least during lunch), with decent noodle soups. i’m sorta feeling under the weather so i got the large chicken noodle soup and the three of us shared the meat buns. i especially love their chicken noodle soup cause it comes in this metal tin bowl, like we’re camping or something.
–> $6


Saturday 3/24
Total Spent: $4

– i’m rushing to make it to a movie at BAM, with not so much time. after burrowing around in my fridge for a sec, i find frozen shrimp from Trader Joe’s– so i decide on a shrimp and scallion omelet (i saw a video piece by Mark Bittman about a month ago, which inspired me. LOVE Bittman!).

i make the rice, and the omelet is done in literally 5 minutes. ALWAYS good to have frozen shrimp from TJ’s in the freezer- it really adds that extra umph when you need some thing to add to salads or fried rice or whatever. as a rule, i always also have eggs and scallions in the fridge for the same reason.
–> $0

simple ingredients of eggs, scallions and shrimp.


run frozen shrimp under cold water for about 4-5 minutes.


heat up about a teaspoon of oil (veggie or olive, your preference) into a pan, and add chopped scallions and shrimp- fry for about a minute. add eggs. cook to preferred runniness.

serve egg concoction over steamed rice, and season with salt, fresh ground pepper and soy sauce (preference). et voila! you have a delicious protein-packed meal in under 10 minutes.


– after the movie, we head up to this relatively new burger place up the street from BAM called 67 Burger. it’s sorta pricey, about $7-8 for gourmet burgers, but they had a grilled cheese on the menu for $3.75. excellent.
–> $4

very crowded by 6pm.


excellent grilled cheese–you even get to choose what kind of cheese you want (american, cheddar, swiss, blue, pepper jack). AND, the tomatoes and onions were free additions! SCORE! the garlic pickle chips are also worth noting– they passed the crunchy/ salty/ sour test, vital for pickles.


fries were good, freshly fried. they had all sorts of great beers on tap too: Bass, Stella and Blue Point. thanks Fumiko and Troy for sharing this!! Fumi’s blue cheese burger was very good as well (i of course stole a bite!!)– from what i can tell the bun didn’t get all soggy with grease, which is the downfall of many a hamburgers in this city.

COMBINED TOTAL: $6 + $4 = $10
LEFT FOR 12 DAYS: $100 – $10 = $90


Shake Shack Season Begins!

March 23, 2007

The Shake Shack (and its infamous queues) reopened yesterday. As of now, the hours are 11am-6pm, but will be extended soon.

Also, check out their custard calendar. Peanut Brittle Banana?!?! I’ll give you one guess where I will be this Sunday. . .

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park
Enter at Madison & 23rd