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Spicy Mina (NYC)

September 8, 2007

It was time for another Mets game with my friend Bill, so we knew to start the night off with a pre-game, ethnic meal in Queens last night. This time we chose to try Spicy Mina, a Bangledeshi restaurant.

WOW! It was really an experience- so flavorful with unique spices – somewhat similar to Indian food, but definitely had it’s own trademark on flavor.

For starters, we ordered the Samosa Chat (vegetable fritters served with hot tangy sauce, prepared with yogurt chat masala). For entrees we went with the Chicken Jhaal Fry (chicken cooked with onion and hot traditional spice) and the Lamb Vindiallo (lamb cooked in a hot and tangy curry sauce). We had the waiter choose a vegetable dish for us – I think this is what it was: Chana Masala with Puri (Chick peas prepared with Bangladeshi spices served with puri) – whatever the correct name, it was like a chick pea risotto. But wait, there’s more — we also ordered the Onion Kulcha, which is nan stuffed with seasoned green onion. What a meal, I wish my words did it justice. The dishes did not come out five minutes after ordering, you could tell they were cooked to order. We finished it off with their specialty dessert – rice pudding. We split an order, which came out to be about 3-4 spoonfuls each, which was just enough sweetness to top of the incredible meal.

I was so engrossed in our special meal, that I forgot to take photos (I’m sorry!), but I did remember to take a photo of this one piece of “artwork” that was hanging behind me.

Spicy Mina is so easy to get to from Manhattan — the R or the V will take you right to the corner where the restaurant is located (65th Street stop). I got there in 20 minutes by taking the R from 59th and Lexington.

Sidenote: there were these colorful green chili peppers in the chicken dish. Bill insisted that it was a “clean hot”, so I took a small bite and thought I could handle it. I nodded, told him he was right, but then a few seconds later I broke out into a sweat and almost thought I was going to cry. Maybe there was smoke coming out of my ears, like in the cartoons. It took a good five minutes to recover. So eat at your own risk!!

Spicy Mina
6423 Broadway
Flushing, NY 11377
(718) 205-2340