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Batch & P*ONG (NYC)

April 2, 2008

Everything about Batch, Pichet Ong’s new bakery on West 10th Street, is just as lovely, adorable and amazing as he is. Pink walls, yellow peonies and eclectic hand crafted chandeliers made me almost as happy to be there as the first bite of chewy crunchy peanut butter cookie right out of the oven. Then came the chocolate chip cookies- crisp and buttery on the edges, warm and gooey in the middle. To die for!

I think my favorite, though, was the walnut melt- a bite sized cookie dusted with powdered sugar similar to a mexican wedding cookie (however, the Vietnamese coffee cake with icing was a close runner up). Coconut Raspberry Green Tea Cupcakes also looked tempting. I have to go back to try more!

The coffee was great, and was served with thick and creamy half-n-half in a glass bottle that came from Manhattan Milk & Dairy, organically produced in the Amish country. If you’re into foie gras, you can get your puppy a foie gras dog biscuit, and then go next door to P*ONG and get your self a foie gras taco.

Batch, which opened last week, is next door to Pichet’s restaurant P*ONG in Greenwich Village.

Pichet’s friend Gary works in the front and Betty is the baker

Gary talking to my friend, chef Tessa Liebman

Pichet behind the counter

Here are some other delicacies I recently photographed at P*ONG.

all photos © erin gleeson

Batch & P*ONG | 150 West 10th street new york ny 10014
T 212 929 0898 | Batch closed Mondays

Cupcakes Amongst Tragedy

March 18, 2008

Walking down towards work yesterday, I was rerouted several blocks due to the horrific crane incident on Saturday. 52nd was blocked off completely to 3rd Ave., and 2nd Ave. was a mess of dust and debris; firefighters and cops running around with walkie talkies; St. Patrick’s Day freaks; and tourists and NYers stopping to look at the crumbled buildings and now vacant lots.

It was a devastating sight.

Buttercup Bake Shop on 2nd Ave, offered their soul-satisfying cupcakes and coffee for free out in front of their shop. They said it was for St. Patty’s Day, and it shed a little bit of light onto those 5 blocks, bringing together the community in these moments of tragedy.


Gift This: Kyotofu for Vday

February 6, 2008

Valentines Day is coming up (BARF), and while I am usually cynical about this day, you can win me over with a box of yummy treats from Kyotofu. I’m so easy!

As Sonja reviewed in December, Kyotofu is a cutesy little restaurant specializing in nouveau t0fu in the unexpected neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. They’ve recently expanded their menu to include savory items, but their “thing” is definitely the sweets. Lucky for us they sell their cute little cakes togo in the front of their restaurant.

Chocolate souffle cupcakes

Matcha, almond, hojicha, and chocolate financiers– these are my favorite- so dense and delicious

Hand-dipped green tea chocolate tea cookies

Maple honey muffins

Blue cheese muffins

Chocolate souffle cupcakes– so light, lovely, and darling!

There are selling a special assortment of their cakes and house-made truffles in this nice box for Vday for $25

Or, just pick and choose as you wish and take it all home in this box. Just like cake boxes in Japan!
Kyotofu will also be hosting a special Vday night with a prix-fixe 3-course dessert menu which will include sake and champagne. Ooh la la.

My calendar is currently wide open on February 14- c’mon boys, ask me out!!!

705 9th Ave (btwn. 48th & 49th Street)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-6012

Cupcakes For Obama

February 4, 2008

The owners of Cupcake Cafe in Manhattan are clearly Obama supporters. One of them strolled into the Obama Campaign office last week in Lower Manhattan carrying a huge box of cupcakes to feed the little office packed with hungry volunteers.

The office was bustling- so much to be done before Super Tuesday! Jack and I spent one afternoon volunteering and were pleasantly surprised by the overall feeling of the place. It was frantic, yet warm. The phones were ringing nonstop with New Yorkers calling in to ask how they could help, and the staff was so full of gratitude that you couldn’t help but feel good about being there. At one point a minister from a baptist church in Harlem showed up and said he and his congregation wanted to do whatever they could to contribute. Then a dancer from Spamalot entered the organized chaos and said she had 2 hours to give until her call time that night. A man carrying a large stack of signs that read “Veterans for Obama” came in and started to pass them out. A hipster with a faux-hawk asked if he could borrow some banners for an event he was hosting in Union Square. “Of course!” they said, and loaded him up with stickers and pins to boot.

I was asked to enter emails into the database. There was an older gentleman on the computer next to mine who had clearly been there all day. He really wasn’t so familiar with computers and kept asking me for help, but he was intent on doing whatever they needed. He knew how important it was to be a part of this effort. Around 5pm, he said he had to go, but that he’d be back in the morning. Everyone wished him a lovely evening and thanked him profusely.

The full time volunteers were overloaded and hungry. One woman on the phone lines behind me stood up suddenly and said she was starving and hadn’t eaten anything all day. Just then a very well dressed older woman arrived carrying bags of sandwiches that she put out on the table for everyone to share. This was what she felt she could do to help and it was again greeted with profuse gratitude.

I left that day, cupcake in hand, feeling fired up and ready to go. If 3 hours in Obama’s little campaign office in Lower Manhattan could make me feel so positive and hopeful, I can’t imagine what 4 years of his efforts in the White House could do. The whole world needs to feel this way and I think Obama is our best bet. I urge you all to go out and vote tomorrow. This is an amazing opportunity that I think we all need to take advantage of.

If you don’t know if you’re registered call 212-VOTE-NYC. If you don’t know your polling location, click here.

Masitas in Jackson Heights!

January 24, 2008

Masitas are teeny-tiny Argentine pastries. I’ve been obsessed with them since always and photographing them in their natural habitat for the last three years, but I only learned recently that these miniaturized pastries are basically the same thing as petits-fours. But do not confuse them with dumb squares that look like wrapped presents!

You can find them at bakeries all over Buenos Aires, and also in Jackson Heights at La Nueva Bakery on 37th Ave. La Nueva may have a smaller assortment than your typical bakery, but the classics are all there, like this little cone of dulce de leche bathed in chocolate:

Or this coquito, cousin of the macaroon:

This one has dulce de leche between cake layers:

Here is a masita with a local twist–tiny carrot cake!

La Nueva Bakery
8502 37th Ave,
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

T: (718) 505-3700

Kyotofu (NYC)

December 29, 2007

Sis diagnosed herself as having pre-diabetes so we decided to go to a dessert place, of course. Kyotofu had been NY Mag’s pick for cupcakes so we headed uptown to 9th Ave and 49th St. I liked the look of the front of the restaurant, very cutesy and white and homey. But the back area was kind of cheeseball with white huge cushions along the walls. We decided on the Kaiseki prix-fixe with sake pairing. But I wanted to try the savoury dishes first.

This clay pot was brought out with soy milk. The very cute waitress explained that after she added the starter, we would have to let it heat for 20 minutes. For some reason the carrot pickles tasted like ACETONE NAIL POLISH.

Very soft tofu with a gentle taste. Sprinkled with wasabi powder, it was mild yet kind of rich. But I think I was slightly allergic to it because my ears started feeling itchy and my sister too!

These were “Chicken tsukune sliders.” I have never eaten a real, beef hamburger before but I love all things faking burger-ness. These were half dollar sized bites of plainness. BLAH.

“First course” was a sweet dessert tofu with black sugar syrup. Just lightly sweet enough and tasted slightly of almonds, this was so nice! This was my fave.

Second was a trio of small bites. Tofu cheesecake on the left with vanilla creme on top. Some kind of nut (?) ice cream with caramel and toasted, crunchy grains. Chocolate cake with berry sauce. The cheesecake was strangely too sour but some bites tasted fine. The crust tasted of sesame which is always nice with tofu. The ice cream was creamy but a bit too hard, although nice with the contrasty crunchiness of the grains…the caramel was way too sweet. The chocolate cake was just blah but I don’t like chocolate cake in general. The sake they served with this was a “dessert sake” and was way too sweet! I don’t really want to drink sugar while eating sugar. That’s gross.

Chocolate covered ginger, green tea choco, yokan. First two were run-of-the-mill, yokan was very very bland and had a more jello-like consistency than I am used to. The sake pairing was 1 glass (very FULL glass) per course, and for the small portions I think it was too much. But the price is very good and the afternoon menu is even cheaper. Overall, Kyotofu is a very feminine, cute and nice place to go to with a couple of your girlfriends. The dishes with tofu were better than the dishes without, and the sweet was much better than the savory. But maybe that goes without saying….

A couple of mini cupcakes to end your dinner. Actually, I totally wanted to go eat french fries.

705 9th Ave (btwn. 48th & 49th Street)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-6012