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The CA Ice Cream Tour

January 18, 2008

Next time your in Oakland…take me with you to Fenton’s.
You’ll need my help. A Fenton’s sundae is larger than your conventional ice cream joint, dripping with sauce, nuts, and whipped cream overflowing. Fenton’s has an unmatched selection of flavors. My favorites are the Swiss Milk Chocolate or the Toasted Almond. The place usually has a line out the door on weekends, but its worth it. And bring a sweater. Its cold inside, and it gets colder when your eating ice cream.

If you head to San Francisco across the Bay Bridge you’ll find the Ice Cream options are astounding. In the Mission you’ve got a few choices. Bi-rite is a clean stylish shop with an ordinary assortment of flavors and additional vegan options. I had a scoop of Soy Chocolate. It was good, creamy and rich, but when I was finished I wanted some real ice cream. If that’s the case you can head over to Mitchell’s, which is also in the Mission. Mitchell’s is less stylish inside but has unusual flavors in wacky colors. My favorite is the Mexican Chocolate. Rich, creamy chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and a kick of spice.

If your on the other side of San Francisco you can still grab a cone. Joe’s in the Richmond district is a quaint little shop on Geary. They serve burgers and hot dogs and they make their own ice cream. The staff is always eager to give out samples and there is usually no wait. South of Golden Gate park, in the middle of the SF burbs, there is a hidden creamy gem. Polly Ann’s is excellent but totally hard to find. I’m eating a tub of their Jamaca Almond Fudge as I write this. Yes, it is spelled Jamaca. Yes, it is all over my keyboard.

One final stop. Further south. My all time favorite Ice Cream shop is in Los Angeles, in a little strip mall near Hollywood. Its called Mashti Malone’s. They’ve got exceptionally creamy flavors and some exotic Persian rosewater flavors too.

Cheers to Ice Cream.
Bump Cones for me.


Japan’s Donuts

September 27, 2007


Everyone knows Japan has great food. Beautiful food. Complex food. But let me be the one to tell you…Japan knows the Donut. These drawings are of some of the finest dough treats I ate while traveling in Japan during the month of April. Mister Donut, makes classic donuts that are not too greasy or too sweet. And they come in unusual shapes like this eye catching “beaded” dounut.

In tropical Naha on the island of Okinawa, vendors sell Okinawan donuts along the colorful International Street. I tried the banana, a cakey heavy donut ball that tasted like a awesome greasy banana bomb. Yeah!

Chie's Japan photos 008

Mister Donut post from Yoko