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We Heart Cesare

August 15, 2007

Okay, I’m sensitive. I’ve been that girl crying on the subway, I’ve cried at work (multiple times), commercials, movies-even once during City Slickers, but I think a couple weeks ago marked the first time that simply great food brought tears to my eyes.

Erin, being the amazing food photographer and captivating individual that she is, was invited by chef Cesare Casella to dine at his west village homage to his native Tuscany, Maremma. not sure what we were in for, Kayoko and I tagged along.

When we arrived, Cesare greeted us personally, and sent out some prosecco–how sweet, he’ll probably throw in a free dessert, too.

Um, not exactly. Instead, the waitress took our menus and told us Cesare would be preparing a special meal for us. We cringed as we told her two of us were vegetarian. Knowing the chefs I’ve worked with, I was shocked that this did not seem to phase (or anger) Cesare at all.

Grilled prawns with asparagus
French fries with garlic and herbs

Throughout the meal, he came out periodically, with fresh herbs hanging out of his front pocket, to grin, fill up our wine glasses, and answer our naive questions about each amazing creation.

6 dishes, 2 bottles of wine, 3 desserts, and an after-dinner drink later, I just became overwhelmed with gratitude for cesare’s generosity, talent, and appreciation for wholesome, fresh, flavorful food–it just occured to me that it’s food like this that makes me feel really alive, and i felt so lucky that Erin invited us to share this with her.

Cue the tears.

You probably don’t need to bring tissue, but you HAVE to go check this place out-it’s unlike any place i’ve been in nyc. The chard dumplings were my favorite!

228 W 10th St
Btwn. Bleeker and Hudson Streets
New York, NY 10014
(212) 645-0200