Fridgin’ Out: Marta in Madrid

Marta and I were lesbian lovers in a former life. We were probably the secret mistresses of Constantine during the glory years of Roma (he summoned for us from over the state line!), and hooked up after we had enough of him (we outed him. SCANDAL!). In this life, however, we have been downgraded to star-crossed lovers, as she is from Spain, and I from California. I do miss my Martita- she is like a sister to me. At least we fight like we are.

So what does my Marta have in her fridge this week? I am so stoked to show you. Marta is originally from Cadiz, in the south of Spain, currently living with her bf, Jose in Madrid. She works as some powerhouse career woman at a huge media publishing conglomerate. As you’ll see from her fully stocked fridge, she’s a badass.

Here it is, live from España! She has titled this “Wednesday in my Kitchen”– she even captioned the photos herself!

My fridge:

Very important for social life CERVECITA:
The real king of spain…
Picture is bad but this meat is great:

Little Italy

Hangover breakfast

Vinito blanco:

The best yogourts ASTURIANA

Strawberry forever

Aceitunas, esparragos, bonito…

After dessert NESPRESSO

*What’s in your fridge? Email pics to

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