An Animated Valentine’s Day

Embarrassed about this blatant plug, but I’m really excited about what we’re doing tonight at work, so I’m sharing it with all ya’ll.

Our film series, Dawn of Japanese Animation at Japan Society, opened to great success last night with a sold out house. The program was even deemed HIGHBROW BRILLIANT – we’re right next to Catherine Deneuve’s ankles, and kiddy corner to Gob and Tobias! That’s HUGE!

How is this related to food, you ask? So tonight, it being Vday and all, Ryo and I are mixing it up a bit and trying to make our night of “Horror and Comedy” animations a Vday date destination. I’ve worked all morning in trying to get cool prizes for our HORRIFICALLY ROMANTIC RAFFLE, and am pretty damn proud of what I was able to dig up. Prizes include gift certificates to Kyotofu, and a pair of tickets to a sake tasting lecture with the Sake Samurai at Astor Center. HOLLA!

So I’m trying to intice you to bring your date to Japan Society tonight for a night of excellent animations from the 1920s-40s AND fun prizes. We’ve even got a live narrator here from Japan- she’s so AWESOME!!!


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