Dessert at Craft

By now, you must know that I’m a Restaurant Week (RW) fanatic- I try to go to at least one fancy place that I haven’t been to during RW (the nicer places only offer the lunch deal, which at $25, is a much better deal than dinner’s $35).

This again defies my rule of blogging a restaurant I’ve only been to once, and the blogosphere does not need another post on Craft, or Tom Colicchio. I know this. But Craft for RW was possibly one of the nicer RW experiences I’ve had– they didn’t try to dummy down their menu just because their place was being overrun by cheap-os like us (we noticed that the primary clientele during RW are old people and young asians– hmmm).

We got an app, an entree, a side, AND dessert! This was definitely a filling and satisfying meal, at a great value. I would recommend going with a few other people so you can share a lot of different dishes (which is basically their whole shtick). Some unanimous favorites were the bacon with apples, sweet potato agnolotti, the flatiron of beef and the tokyo turnips.

The highlight of the meal though, was definitely the dessert. I’m normally not much of a dessert person, but seriously, the pastry chef, Karen DeMosco, is extremely talented. These desserts were all superb- some of the best I’ve had in the city.

Disclaimer: I was not going to blog this meal, so I didn’t take pics till after we licked our dessert plates clean. For god’s sake, what’s the fucking point?

Chocolate custard tart with hazlenut hot chocolate– the tart was dark and not too sweet with a buttery crust- and the tiny cup of hot chocolate with little marshmellows was adorable!

Banana tart tartin with caramel ice cream
: probably my favorite. the bananas were poached perfectly and the pastry was flakey and buttery. Perfect with the caramel ice cream.

Donuts with apple butter and vanilla ice cream
: we were all pretty ecstatic when we saw donuts being ordered left and right at other tables. Carlos said “this is the best vanilla ice cream I have EVER HAD.”

Olive oil cake with blood orange granita and something else pink on the plate
: sorry- can’t remember that pink stuff, but this was probably the most inventive dish. The hot-pink granita in the little bowl was a nice sour, and cold, addition to the cake.

Aerial view
Craft hasn’t been on the RW list for the past few years, so take advantage NOW! Deal ends Fri Feb. 1 so make a reservation!

PS- the interior at Craft is pretty great– the wine case, the drop lighting, the bathroom. The furniture is beautiful, I guess some guy handmade all their tables and chairs, and you can tell. A little drawer is built into the edge of the tables, which comes out so the servers can open bottles of wine. How crafty!

Craft Restaurant
43 East 19th Street
btwn. Park and B’way
T: 212-780-0880


2 Responses to “Dessert at Craft”

  1. matt Says:

    so many asians! glad we sat in the back. the front was like an asian avenue meetup.

  2. matt Says:

    so many asians! glad we sat in the back. the front was like an asian avenue meetup.

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