Kyotofu (NYC)

Sis diagnosed herself as having pre-diabetes so we decided to go to a dessert place, of course. Kyotofu had been NY Mag’s pick for cupcakes so we headed uptown to 9th Ave and 49th St. I liked the look of the front of the restaurant, very cutesy and white and homey. But the back area was kind of cheeseball with white huge cushions along the walls. We decided on the Kaiseki prix-fixe with sake pairing. But I wanted to try the savoury dishes first.

This clay pot was brought out with soy milk. The very cute waitress explained that after she added the starter, we would have to let it heat for 20 minutes. For some reason the carrot pickles tasted like ACETONE NAIL POLISH.

Very soft tofu with a gentle taste. Sprinkled with wasabi powder, it was mild yet kind of rich. But I think I was slightly allergic to it because my ears started feeling itchy and my sister too!

These were “Chicken tsukune sliders.” I have never eaten a real, beef hamburger before but I love all things faking burger-ness. These were half dollar sized bites of plainness. BLAH.

“First course” was a sweet dessert tofu with black sugar syrup. Just lightly sweet enough and tasted slightly of almonds, this was so nice! This was my fave.

Second was a trio of small bites. Tofu cheesecake on the left with vanilla creme on top. Some kind of nut (?) ice cream with caramel and toasted, crunchy grains. Chocolate cake with berry sauce. The cheesecake was strangely too sour but some bites tasted fine. The crust tasted of sesame which is always nice with tofu. The ice cream was creamy but a bit too hard, although nice with the contrasty crunchiness of the grains…the caramel was way too sweet. The chocolate cake was just blah but I don’t like chocolate cake in general. The sake they served with this was a “dessert sake” and was way too sweet! I don’t really want to drink sugar while eating sugar. That’s gross.

Chocolate covered ginger, green tea choco, yokan. First two were run-of-the-mill, yokan was very very bland and had a more jello-like consistency than I am used to. The sake pairing was 1 glass (very FULL glass) per course, and for the small portions I think it was too much. But the price is very good and the afternoon menu is even cheaper. Overall, Kyotofu is a very feminine, cute and nice place to go to with a couple of your girlfriends. The dishes with tofu were better than the dishes without, and the sweet was much better than the savory. But maybe that goes without saying….

A couple of mini cupcakes to end your dinner. Actually, I totally wanted to go eat french fries.

705 9th Ave (btwn. 48th & 49th Street)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-6012

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