I need a bigger kitchen/chocolate OD

So, I have a couple of weeks off of work finally and I’ve been sitting on my ass for the last week watching a Twin Peaks marathon on DVD, playing with my new Nintendo DS and eating a bunch of mochi every morning. Don’t even ask me what day it is. Kayoko, who is kind of doing the same, but watching Lost, actually got me off my ass the other night to go to Mitsuwa in Jersey again. Anyways, I thought I would blog some of my cool new kitchen/food stuff that I got for Xmas because I have nothing better to do. I really need some more space in my kitchen.

First, from Mitsuwa, I found Royal Milk Tea mix! I never knew this stuff existed. So much better than the bottled kind. I’m going to have to get some more of this. I have a hard time choosing now between this, my PG Tips, my genmaicha and my blueberry tea – such a predicament. I also got a crap load of shoku pan at Mitsuwa to use for french toast and some wagashi from Minamoto (even though the lady that works there is a total bitch).

Second, from my mom, a set of crock pots so I can make chili and onion soup. Anyone have a good recipe for onion soup?

Third, from my dad and stepmom, a set of 4 snowman mugs and matching spoons (how cute). I’m sure I’ll carelessly break all 4 of them in the next few months. I should just bring these into work for cute factor/conversation pieces…..

Fourth, a duo of hot chocolate and a “hot chocolate maker” contraption. I have to say though, I had some Jacques Torres hot chocolate a couple weeks ago at work and I’m pretty much set on hot chocolate for the rest of the year…it was soooooo rich and frothy (and $$ – at least I got to see the man when I was in his store). I think I have enough hot chocolate to last me a long time because I also have a bunch of hot chocolate from last year in my cupboard. I may need to bring these into work. And my JT hot chocolate is just sitting on my desk at work and I know I’m going to throw up in my mouth a little when I first see it because I’m really so tired of hot chocolate and chocolate in general and there’s nothing I can think about that’s worse than going back to work than going back to work and having to look at more chocolate. I should just top the whole experience off by watching one of those videos ayagwa keeps sending me as I sit down at my desk. This all leads me to the next item, peppermint and chocolate cookies from Williams Sonoma…I have to say, these are REALLY good. I have to try and refrain from eating the whole tin.

The hot chocolate in the picture, by the way, is some more chocolate that I got for xmas and on top of a quiche dish from my mom.

Last, I got some new flatware from Target. All of my current flatware is rusting and falling apart. Not good. And I know that’s really gross. I’ve even resorted to buying sets of plastic spoons every time I go to the bodega (which is why my nickname is now “spoons”). Also have a set of knives on the way.

So, yeah, Christmas was good in the kitchen items and chocolate departments….hope you all had a good one and happy new year!


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