Filo Cup – Good Looking Party’s MUST Item

You know I throw parties quite often. I love preparing all the food from scratch, but sometimes I don’t have time to spend all day in the kitchen. I still like to make it look like I spent hours over the stove, and this is the best way to make “over the top” looking, yet very easy to prepare party food.

Use filo cups and fill it with whatever you want, cold, hot, sweet, or spicy, it is such a cute and crunchy cup that anything you put in tastes good, and the best part is, it’s so easy and no dishes to clean!

I hosted a pre-dinner party last weekend. Well, of course people showed up late and the party dragged till late into the night, but below are what I made.

Smorgas Chef’s Swedish meatball cup. I love Swedish meatballs, and instead of making my own, I ordered from Smorgas, cut them in half, topped it with mashed potato and the lingonberry that came with it. This was definitely a popular item. It was basically a meal in a cup.

How cute is this?

This is salmon avocado tartar. I chopped up salmon sashimi, mixed with tobiko and avocado, then add salt, pepper and sesame oil and a bit of Asian flavored dressing. Yum!

Salmon and avocado, the best combination!

People get intimidated about throwing a party, but you don’t need to do things I do (like cooking for 10 hours). With lots of booze and lots of mini things such as above, your parties will be remembered. 15 cups for $2.49 isn’t bad either.


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