PG Tips, My Wake-Me-Up Tea

I don’t drink a lot of caffeine and one of the things people notice about me right of the bat (besides that I’m some weird mix of races they can’t quite put their finger on and I have a tray full of random drugstore items on my desk), is that I “drink weird things” or “always have such interesting drinks”.

It’s like my calling card – you see a bottle of mango-pineapple-pomegranate green tea in the kitchen, it’s probably mine. So, being such a beverag-y kind of person, I wanted to recommend my FAVORITE tea that I drink every morning. It’s a Brittish tea called PG Tips. My BF got me hooked on this – he used to drink it when he lived in London.

I used to think the crappy American version of Twinings (which is apparently pronounced as “Twy-nings”) was good. This stuff is like crack compared to that – MUCH much stronger.

This will definitely wake you up in the morning. You can get it at Brittish import stores in the West Village and I used to get mine at McNulty’s Tea and Coffee on Christopher Street (the most amazing selection of tea and coffee and it smells SO good in there – I’d go in there to just breathe and get a fix), but I found it at a Shop n’ Save grocery store of all places near my Mom’s place in the “World Foods” aisle (at the grocery store, not her place), so now I buy it in NH and don’t pay taxes.

My sister is also hooked on it, so I ship some out to her in Alaska every now and then. Apparently it helped her quit smoking and coffee. Yeah, it’s THAT good. Do youself a favor and go buy some. It’s really good with some whisky in it too.


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