3 days of Rickshaw Dumpling

(sorry for the really bad cell phone pics and sorry, Kayoko, this took me 2 months to finally post)

Back in AUGUST, I took the most boring class ever for 3 days straight – my instructor wore a piano tie on the first day. Rickshaw Dumpling was literally on the same block where I was taking the course (it’s on W. 23rd and they also just opened in the NYU area).

So, of course, i hit it up for lunch every day and here’s what I got;

Day one (pics 1 and 2): Steamed Szechaun Chicken dumplings with chili and white soy bean and chili-soy dipping suace and watermelonade.
These dumplings were my favorite – if I went back, I’d get these fried in the noodle soup (there are 6 types of dumplings, and you can either get them plain (steamed or fried), in a salad or in a noodle soup – each dumpling type has its corresponding salad and soup type). These were nice and spicy. The watermelon drink was really refreshing.

Day Two, I got Classic Pork & Chinese Chive dumplings in clear soup (with greens, beansprouts, scallions & fresh shanghai noodles). Noodles were great, dumplings ok.

Day 3 (last picture) was Chicken & Thai Basil dumplings in peanut sate soup (with green coconut, cucumber, lime & fresh shanghai noodles). Again, great noodles but if I went back, I’d see if I could get the Szechaun Chicken dumplings in this soup. Peanut flavors were great!

If you are in the area, this is a great place for a light lunch or snack. I’ll definitely be going back!

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