Saucing Pasta

There seems to be a war brewing (and if there isn’t I’ll gladly be the instigator). In one corner, we have Mario Batali, holding down the traditional Italian line that Americans drown their pasta in too much sauce, and in the other, Mark Bittman, who asserts that, Poppycock! that’s an old way of thinking, coming from the days when Italians were too poor to drown their pasta in sauce (I love the image of a family hanging up a herring and each member of the family taking turns rubbing their piece of bread on it for flavor).

I must admit, Bittman has a point (though I’d scarf down Batali’s pasta anyday over Bittman’s fairly lame-looking butternut squash and tomato dish). Do we need all those carbs? Shouldn’t we be eating more veggies rather than less? I also recently read in The Paleolithic Diet (I like any proof that eating meat is good for you) that uncooked flour (ie, al dente) is “poisonous.”

I also appreciate Batali’s position from a cultural standpoint: the Italians are probably referring to the fact that most people in America a) overcook their pasta and b) drown it in Chef Boyardee, Ragu, or even Classico (which was my fave back in the day), ie, sauces from a jar. Not a good look. Or taste.

So…are you ready for a revolution? Are you ready to have some pasta with your sauce?

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