Authentic Indonesian Food

I was taken to Queens last night. I haven’t left the island since I moved back, so it was quite an excursion.

Subway ride to Elmhurst, and Minangasli restaurant was right there. I went there with my friend Tonny, who is from Bali, and he insisted we had to go there to experience true Indonesian cuisine, so I followed..

The place looked like a ghetto Chinese take out, but it felt a lot more homey, only handful of tables.

I didn’t know what to order, so Tonny took care of it, and I still don’t know what I had. Fortunately I had my camera, and took pictures! I am becoming a good blogger.

This was a drink with soy and coconut milk, with some green objects. It didn’t taste much, something similar to tapioca?

A combination platter of: Rendang chunks of beef stewed in coconut milk and chili gravy (top left), Gudeg, raw jackfruit that cooked in a javanese traditional way (middle) and hard boiled egg in some orange sauce. I might be completely wrong with names of the dishes.

Beef was VERY good. Jackfruit tasted like artichoke, curry-ish flavor. Tonny ordered some fruity drink, which contained sweet jackfruit, and tasted completely different from raw version. It’s amazing how people use a fruit in cooking, and resulting in completely different texture, taste, etc.

He also picked up Ziploc bagged shrimp chips thing (again, don’t know the name, it was tasty as well).

Too bad they didn’t have Babi Gling (roasted whole pig).

Although I had to wait so long for subway back, and I was very annoyed by it, I will go back there. There were many other similar type restaurants, including Pho Bang near by.

86-10 Whitney Avenue (Macnish Street)
Elmhurst, Queens
(718) 429-8207

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