Sometimes Gadgets are the Key for Best Tasting Meals

I used to have a LOT of kitchen gadgets. Well, I still do, but I managed to sell food processor, and other various items. Pasta maker is something I am looking into for next purchase.
My Kitchen Aid stand mixer is an item from heaven if you cook or bake. It makes my life so much easier, and a couple years ago, I went nuts and bought various attachments.

Anyhow, I don’t like regular hamburgers. I’ll have them here and there, especially when I am uber hung over, but not usually. It was Labor Day yesterday, and I felt the urge to make one. Also I just watched Food Network’s America’s best burger challenge (for some weird reason, it was sponsored by Sutter Home, hence one has to use wine in the process), and I was a bit hungry for a good burger.

When I make my burger, I don’t buy ground meat, instead, I buy steak meat and grind it myself. This Kitchen Aid attachment above (though I use it at most 3 times a year), is pretty nifty. When you know what’s in your beef (pre-ground meat is a bit scary since you never know what’s in it), you can cook it just the way you like when having steaks. I like them pretty rare.

The actual scene of meat coming out of the grinder is gross, but this effort gives the best flavored burgers EVER!

Just like when making Japanese hamburg (it’s sort of burger without buns), I put caramelized onion in the meat, and it definitely adds sweet and oniony flavor, which is great.

So the recipe is something like this.

  • 1 lb of steak meat (you can use any type of steak meat, but do not cut off any fat! If you use fillet mignon, it will make a very very dry burger, yet pretty expensive.
  • 1 onion, caramelized
  • 1 tbsp water (I learned this from Paula Dean’s show, makes a moist burger)
  • 1 tsp Montreal steak seasoning (this shit is great since it has salt, pepper, onion/garlic flakes, etc.)
  • Aioli (i used basil, scallion, garlic, lemon juice, Japanese mayo, salt and pepper)
  • Steak fries (basically oven baked wedges of potato)
  • For condiments, i used cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado)
  • kaiser bread

Mix meat, onion water and seasoning together. Rest it for about 30 min before shaping. Make however big of burger you like, cook them. (If you are lucky to have an outside grill, go ahead, but you can make a perfect one in skillet as well). Put the burger on a toasted bread, pile it up with condiments, spread a bit of aioli on one side of the bread, and a yummy burger is done.

It was so worth the process. You can come over to my apartment and get the meat ground. I promise I won’t put any part of my finger in it. Hehe.


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