The 4 Borough (Ghetto-Fabulous) Culinary Tour

My family recently came to NYC to visit me, and having been here before, they wanted to something different than the usual tourist route. So I decided to take them on a 5 borough Culinary Tour. A different borough every day. Now, being from Northern California, they are the kind of cats that like to wear jeans and chacos everywhere- so there would be no Jean-Georges-ing for us. I chose a menagerie of local places I thought would be fun and easy in the summer. We had a little trouble in Staten Island and never quite made it to the Bronx, but here are the places we hit up…

The Heights Bar & Grill
A fantastic rooftop patio on the Upper West Side. I love going here for brunch.

Boat Basin

This is very possibly my favorite place in New York City. You can sit on the Hudson River and order burgers and buckets of coronas…does it get any better than that?

McSorley’s Old Ale House

This place is a classic New York City establishment, and every time my Dad comes, he wants to go here every night. They only serve beer (light & dark), and they come 2 at a time. Though it sounds a little raw, I actually really like the cheese plate: slices of sharp white cheddar, sliced onions, and saltine crackers.


Habana Outpost is absolutely my new favorite place in the city (I’m a sucker for great outdoor seating). It’s in Fort Greene, and it’s basically a cuban beer garden that serves frozen mojitos, sweet plantains, veggie dogs and Mexican corn sprinkled with cotija cheese and cayenne. It’s also NYC’s 1st solar run restaurant. Check this place out for sure!

Staten Island:

This is where we get a little ghetto. I had done some pre-ferry research and found a great Italian place we could walk to from the terminal, but we went on Sunday and it was closed. So we ended up at the only place open- Cargo Cafe, a weird place not worth making the trip out for. Not sure if it was more quirky or grungy- don’t let the mural deceive you. My open faced american cheese melt was tasty in a plasticky kraft kind of way and my Mom got a salmon salad that was just so-so. (Better to just stay on the boat and have a beer.)


The Astoria Beer Gardens

This is another of my very favorite places in NYC. It’s a huge gravel courtyard with picnic tables and lots of Czechs drinking Pilsner. They have fantastic potato pancakes and live music on the weekends in summer. You can go and drink pitchers for hours!


2 Responses to “The 4 Borough (Ghetto-Fabulous) Culinary Tour”

  1. S Says:

    except, why’d i have to be the front page miss piggy! sg

  2. S Says:

    except, why’d i have to be the front page miss piggy! sg

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