My Half-Eaten Birthday Cake

When I was a kid, my Mom always got me awesome birthday cakes from a woman-baker who lived in a little woodsy gingerbread house in the middle of a NH forest. She could make anything you wanted – Cookie Monster, Gizmo, E.T., She-Ra, Jem…whatever was totally rad that year. You name it, she’s got the pan to bake it in. Those days are gone….I’m now in my 30’s. Carvel is exciting to me now.

The last couple of years my Mom has brought me this berries and cream birthday cake from Frederick’s Pastries in NH….hello yum!! It’s got about an inch and a half of fresh whipped cream on top, layered with strawberry jam and berries and more whipped cream and little flower buds made of guess what…whipped cream on the sides. I’ve been digging away at it since August 1 – yes, I’ve been eating it that long, yes that’s 13 days ago, and it’s still good. And yes, I do own the Roswell New Mexico Alien plate (and matching mug) collection that you’re seeing. ♥ aliens

Here is what’s left of my cake – I forgot to take a pic when it was all nice. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to throw it out since all the strawberries on top have withered.

2 Responses to “My Half-Eaten Birthday Cake”

  1. Hamamama Says:

    Nancypants rocks!!!

  2. Hamamama Says:

    Nancypants rocks!!!

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