American Brands are Not Good Enough for High Rollers?

I am hooked on food blogging! I finally bought a USB transfer thing that I can download pics from my digital camera directly into any computer, so it’s very easy to upload visuals.

Anyhow, in my previous blog about Peking duck, I mentioned Gaggenau kitchen appliances, and this time, I will tell you more about it (or bitch about it). I thought Viking or Subzero/Wolf were the best of the crops until now. Miele, and Gaggenau from Germany, or GeD from Italy supposedly makes some of the highest priced kitchen appliances and shelving units. If you have a couple of million dollars sitting around, and want to buy some of the new developments Manhattan, they are all equipped with one of these designer appliances. My friend just bought an apartment downtown (the famous one designed by Armani), and yes, the website proudly announces that their kitchen appliances are all Gag.

I say this is bullshit. Those who can afford $1 million+ apartments are the people who will most maximally keep booze in the freezer and water and coke in the fridge, and maybe some who-knows-how-long-it’s-been kind of cheese from a party they hosted 4 months ago, nothing else. They might use the stove to boil water, or make mulled wine for winter parties, but they probably also store shoes or magazines in the oven, like Carrie Bradshaw. I see the point of making the apartment look pretty with designy appliances, that will surely kick up the price by 1000s, but they are NOT user friendly, especially for Americans (or people who are used to using American appliances).

I used to have Kitchen Aid appliances, and I loved them. Yeah, they were huge but I used to cook 25 lb turkey for Thanksgiving plus stuffing on separate dish in the same oven.

But what’s wrong with them? They are not that expensive compared to these sleek design European ones. Yes I praised rotisserie rod, and I admit they are nifty. But other than that, everything else is weird. The manual says “when you turn the flame on the stove, you must keep igniting (tick tick sound, you know) for 5-8 seconds in order to warm up the heating elements”. What the hell does this mean? Every time I turn the flame on, I have to keep that annoying ticking sound for 8 seconds, otherwise, it doesn’t stay. This is weird.

Also it takes about 20 minutes to heat up the oven unless you keep the convection on. Such a small oven takes 20 minutes to heat up to 400 degrees? Yes, there is a bread dough rising function, and several different heating methods to get the maximum result from whatever you make in the oven, but who uses that many functions?

My biggest concern right now is turkey, or cooking multiple dishes at the same time for holiday meals. I am already thinking some alternative ways to make turkey this Thanksgiving, because there is no way I can cook 20 lb in such a small oven like Gag, and what the hell am I going to do about the stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, and farmers pasta (Giada De Laurentiis recipe)?!

Yet, they do look cool next to GeD‘s “no slamming” drawers, white marble tops and mirror coated stainless steel cabinet doors, I must admit…


2 Responses to “American Brands are Not Good Enough for High Rollers?”

  1. kayoko Says:

    i love this man.

  2. kayoko Says:

    i love this man.

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