Enrique Foster Mendoza Malbec Ique 2006

First of all, I meant to get a 2004. . . Actually I asked for a 2004, and did not notice that I was given a 2006. This is not to say the employees at Sherry-Lehmann are negligent. In fact they are quite helpful and knowledgeable. Nevertheless, the fact is: I got the wrong wine.

AND the photo is a 2003 bottle, but just disregard that because the rest of the label remains the same in 2004 and 2006.

Anyway, Enrique Foster Mendoza Malbec Ique 2006 is nothing exciting, but it is an smooth well-balanced (and priced) wine with a beautiful ruby-red color that I recommend. The aroma is fresh and light and the body is medium-to-full. The palate has pleasant hints of licorice, pepper, and berries that develop into a lingering, satisfying finish. I enjoyed it with my soba noodles (the only thing in my fridge at the moment), so it should go very well with pasta, and probably a variety of cheeses.

$8.95 at Sherry-Lehmann, 679 Madison Ave at 61st Street, 212-838-7500, http://www.sherry-lehmann.com/

One Response to “Enrique Foster Mendoza Malbec Ique 2006”

  1. kayoko Says:

    i just realized that this is one of the wine’s that was listed on Asimov’s taste test list a month back. did you ever do that with cheaper wines? how is that going?

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