Cali Hood Eating (LA)

Well, since I live in San Diego I can drive up to Los Angeles for the weekend whenever I’d like. Considering I don’t like to, I don’t often… but I had a family function to attend in Long Beach. The morning after my family anniversary party I headed to a charming Easter breakfast with my grandma, sister (with bo) and aunt Sally. We were thinking something charming for the resurrection of Christ, so we head to none other than the hood famous Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffle House.

We had never been before, but we’ve heard of the establishment from many movies like Jackie Brown and there’s even an entire movie about it. Anywho, so let’s get to the eating part.

The menu consists of a lot of southern food including grits, collard green, fresh liver omelets, biscuits & gravy, giblets ans of course… fried chicken and waffles. I went with the special consisting of two chicken sausage patties, two scrambled eggs, grits and biscuit! Although it may be odd that I didn’t choose to eat the famous fried chicken and waffles at 11am, I knew my hog sister would and I would try some. So anywho… my special…. OMG ~ divine.

I’m not anything close to a southerner, but I do like them gritz — and the biscuit… with the gravy… uhh! to-die-for!!! Definitely my favorite item of the day! Everything was perfectly greezy and D-lish!

Of course my sampling didn’t stop here. As I mentioned, my sister got the famous chicken and waffles. The fried chicken was amazing as I expected. It’s difficult to NOT enjoy a piece of fried chicken, but I must say this chicken definitely put Church’s and KFC to shame. The seasonings are perfected and the fried skin isn’t over done with excess batter! Perfection. Oh and yes, the waffles were very scrumptious. They must put lard in everything to make it taste so heavenly.

Overall, I think it was a breakfast that Jesus himself would have enjoyed! I recommend you look it up when in the Los Angeles area.

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