$100/ 2 Weeks/ NYC: Midway Meditation

here i am- on my 9th day into $100/2weeks/NYC, with only $26 left. next friday feels like ions away, but i’m gonna do this! i’m gonna get to friday on $26 ($4/day)! victory will be mine!

and as though i were bi-polar, this sort optimism crashes down on me sporadically throughout the day and i just become depressed. and i know that:
– i shouldn’t let money dictate my life
– money does not equal happiness
– Kayoko, you can just stay in and cook for the next 5 days!!!! what fun!!!

blah blah blah. yes, all of this is true, but as a working, hustling, socializing single girl in the dredges of New York City, eating/ drinking on $100 for 2 weeks is FUCKING HARD. i don’t want to sound cliche, and i definitely don’t want you to think that i packed my bags and headed for the big city on some sort of bullshit Sex and the City idealism. and god, after reading about No Impact Man, i surely don’t want to come off as some sort of suffering martyr in the hands of evil consumer-capital NYC. but really, this is next to impossible.

when i tell people i’m doing this, they just say, “oh, you can just cook on $100, that is easy, you’ll be fine.” absolutely, yes, you are right. but realistically, who has the time to cook EVERYDAY, after work, after going out for a drink with coworkers, after having to run from one appointment to the next, after the day-to-day exhaustive routine of NY life.

and really, i wanted to do this and still maintain my lifestyle as much as possible. i go out at least 5 nights a week (meet up with friends, movies, dinner, drinks, lectures, class, birthday parties, shows, performances, and on), and while this is the magical wonder of living here, trying to fit in personal time, let alone cooking time, is difficult to maintain.

sure, i could cook for every meal, no problem. i love cooking. i’m good at it, it’s something that comes naturally to me. but talking to people my age here, we all come to the same conclusion: finding the time is hard. fruits and veggies go bad in the fridge. when cooking, you need to cook huge batches at a time and freeze leftovers. you literally need to PENCIL IN a day in the week when you are allowed to go home straight after work and do your own thing.

wah wah, right? no- i’m not saying this for pity. but i do say this just to illustrate how eating fits into the equation of NY life (at least for me). eating isn’t just to keep me fueled for the day, but it’s a time to see my friends and catch up, to relax and to divert my attention away from work life. so what i ultimately want to accomplish with $100/2weeks is to try to find the balance between my tight budget and still being able to go on my normal routine. it becomes a matter of convenience too– if i have a meeting in the East Village, i need to find a dirt cheap place to eat down there, that’s the bottom line.

so i’ve made some not-smart decisions in the past week, i’ll admit. did i need to go to Blue Ribbon Sushi? no. but did i want to see my friends? yes. was the $20 sushi/ sashimi plate calling my name? yes. we all make choices.

but there are consequences to these choices– i now must somehow eat/ drink on $26 for the rest of the week. i have a birthday party to go to tonight; sunday i’m running around in the city all day; tuesday and wednesday i have a lectures to attend. how i will stay within my eating budget, i haven’t quite figured out yet.

but this is where the fun begins!!!


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4 Responses to “$100/ 2 Weeks/ NYC: Midway Meditation”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Ganbareeeeeeeeeee! As the Japanese say, and which sounds a little overkill in such situations to my American ears, FIGHTO!

  2. erin Says:

    kale, eggs and lentils (dry) will get you by!

  3. Dawn Says:

    Babe, I’m feeling your pain. Even $100 for ONE week is hard unless you plan it out. I’m sending you a power-to-the-people fist in the air.

  4. kayoko Says:

    thanks for your support!!!! i’m gonna do this!

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