Brooklyn Restaurant Week Report: Applewood

it’s that time of year again: Brooklyn Restaurant Week, which i am utterly grateful for considering that my funds have nearly hit rock bottom. we made reservations for Applewood- a popular restaurant in Park Slope which fully embraces the organic movement. three courses at Applewood for $21.12! on any normal day, they fetch that much for an entree alone.

without further ado, i present to you, Applewood:

the place was bustling at 7pm- no music, just friendly chatter, and the glow from the fireplace kept the place warm and toasty. and i love their lemon yellow walls.


this Argentinian Cab was a part of the “restaurant week deal”, and was only $21.12! W(h)ine-o, you would have approved of this one, it was pretty darned good for the price.


garden greens
fresh herbs, dried cherries, hazelnuts, sherry vinaigrette


pan roasted duck breast
white bean stew, bacon lardons, cippolinis, garlic confit


sauteed east coast hake
butter poached lobster, bouchot mussels, shellfish broth


fallen chocolate souffle
sweet cream, caramel sauce


vanilla bean bread pudding
chocolate sauce


i asked our charming waiter about the significance of “2112”– he had no idea, but guessed it’s because the last three numbers are all the beginning digits for brooklyn zipcodes (112xx), and that the “2” in front is just so they can make some money. Applewood, i’ll give you 20 bucks for a full meal anyday! *k*

footnote: go to Barbes around the corner for a nightcap– they have great live music and extensive variety of whiskey/ bourbon/ malts/ scotches. it’s Suntory time!


One Response to “Brooklyn Restaurant Week Report: Applewood”

  1. Aya Says:

    WTF that hake/lobster/mussel photo is just sick. is there no censorship on this site?

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