Brooklyn Restaurant Week

8am, alarm goes off. i look outside, everything is white and covered in snow. what the… SNOW??? and while all of this is beautiful and enchanting and all–the snow coming down in a flurry–having to pep-talk yourself to leave the house SUCKS. walking in the snow to the subway station SUCKS. having to walk in baby steps to maintain your balance in the snow SUCKS. freezing snow flying into your face SUCKS.

so you can imagine my absolute DELIGHT when i saw this ad for Brooklyn Restaurant Week at the bus stop. at that single moment, the snow stopped, the clouds lifted, and sunshine washed over me.

earth to kayoko… get a hold of yourself!

i’m a sucker for restaurant week in new york, especially the brooklyn version. why? cause it’s only $20.12 for a 3 course dinner! restaurant week in the city is almost twice that now, and it’s almost impossible to get a table for anywhere decent. AND, it’s over a week long (3/19-30), also covering one weekend, so you’re not limited to just weeknights.

honestly, this year’s line up isn’t so impressive. but there are a few hidden gems in the long list of restaurants, like the following:
Applewood, Park Slope
Blue Ribbon Sushi, Park Slope, i do this EVERY YEAR. no joke, it’s a tradition. they do this fantastic sushi/ sashimi special that is an amazing bargain for the quality. and their green tea creme brulee is heavenly. they don’t take reservations, so get there right when it opens or else it gets really packed
Bouillabaisse 126, “Columbia Waterfront”/ by Carroll Gardens, sorta out of the way, but worth it
Stone Park Cafe, Park Slope, only lunch, i’m taking a half day to finally check this place out!

i recommend that you make your reservations PRONTO! i know a lot of people are restaurant week skeptics, but this is a once in a year opportunity for those of us who barely scrape by for a living. as a Brooklyn resident, this is an annual event that truly makes me happy- especially cause i don’t have to travel far to get home after my meal.

…and so the day wouldn’t be so bad after all, even after trudging through all the snow to get to work… it was wonderful to see the farmer’s market folk out in the park in front of my work in midtown despite the weather– now they are the TRUE champions!



5 Responses to “Brooklyn Restaurant Week”

  1. yoko Says:

    faaack! I thought it was cold here in Tokyo. But I really have NOTHING to complain about after reading this. Yeah, having freezin cold snow flying in your face SUCKS.
    Speaking of weird things flying (or not flying) I just stumbled across a freaking huge (with its legs and arms in mid-splat leap, about a foot in length), dead frog in the middle of the street on my walk home.

  2. Dawn Says:

    Hey, I wanted to mention Aliseo, another good place to check out during Bklyn Restaurant Week. It’s in Prospect Heights on Vanderbilt. I like it becuase the food is quite interesting (sometimes odd) and different from your standard Italian joint, and the owner and waiters are very welcoming. Ask them for recommendations. I went there with Karl once and as we waited for a table the owner sat us at his prepping post and served us some interesting champaign-ish thing and samples of whatever he was making, while chatting us up. It’s a nice neighborhood spot — casual and quirky-bohemian, but sophisticated and genuine.

  3. Aya Says:

    yah! a vote for Bouillabaisse 126!! I stumbled upon it once with my friend on a very rainy night and we had the best time. the room in the back has like glass ceilings or something (partially) so we could see/hear the rain while we sipped out wine and gorged on amazing seafood. I highly reccommend! very romantic!

  4. kayoko Says:

    i need to add two more restaurant recommendations from the list:
    – Brooklyn Fish Camp, Park Slope
    – Gen Japanese Restaurant, Prospect/ Crown Heights, good japanese cooking, skip the sushi

  5. kayoko Says:

    here is a nifty map of all of the restaurants that are participating in the restaurant week, including those that are offering 2-for-1 meals for $20.12.

    thanks Greg for this.

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