Little Frankie’s Seeking DJ

At Judson’s invitation, Alanna and I went to his favorite NY restaurant, Little Frankie’s (First Ave. btw 1 & 2 st.) last night and I learned two lessons: names are deceptive and size does not matter. Yes, Little Frankie’s is related to Frank, on Second Ave., that Italian joint that is ALWAYS over-crowded with total trendsters; however, I could swear that a.) Little Frankie’s seemed truly larger than Frank, and b.) Little F is better than [implied big] Frank. They both got the cozy decor going on, but LF felt more welcoming with a more fluid layout. I can’t tell a shitty wine from a super-expensive kind, but both Alanna and Judson seemed to enjoy the bottle of red we got (and the effervescent Moscato dessert wine). We started off with the Pear & Gorgonzola Salad with walnuts, which was exactly as good as it sounded, and the mussels, that lay in a garlic/wine/tomato broth — yummy!!! Half a bite of Alanna’s spinach-ricotta ravioli was quite good, but she complained that the spinach was too fresh. Judson’s pizza with “baby meatballs” that looked like deer turds was good. I ordered the oven-baked Rigatoni al Forno, which came out bubbling hot. The eggplant was delicious though it almost burned my tongue off. My favorite tiramisu for dessert did not disappoint. My only real complaint would be the music that was playing in the dining area. It was some kind of post-Sound Garden grunge-y rock; like an angrier artless Fugazi. blech.

In the warmer months they have a little open garden which looks nice – though according to Judson infested with mosquitos, unfortunately. Anyway it was cute and yummy, all told, though not mind-blowing. Our waiter was super sweet though! The best part of the evening was playing “Fuck, Chuck or Marry” with A & J where you name 3 celebs and decide which verb you would enact on which star (and you have to use all 3, and you have to make the choices really difficult and morally questionable). Try it out! The best round was Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck and Michael Stipe. ewwwww

4 Responses to “Little Frankie’s Seeking DJ”

  1. kayoko Says:

    ok, this is good to know- i’m always looking for a good italian style pizza, and the only one i really know about in the city is Otto, which is usually always a zoo.

    i used to go to Frank, their waiters are pretty hot, but all in all, the scene is pretty sickening. actually, that goes for about anywhere in the city, so i guess you just have to suck it up. that’s why i like chinatown.

    music at restaurants is a funny thing- it’s like you notice it when it’s bad, but you don’t really notice it when it’s good. that’s the way it should be- an element that doesn’t get in the way of the dining experience. i feel that way about lighting too.

    i wanna try this new pizza and calzone place that pete meehan wrote about in the Times about a few months back, in brooklyn heights. let’s go!

  2. tmonkey Says:

    Re: Fuck, Chuck, or Marry Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, or Michael Stipe…it’s not quite fair to have two people from the same (nauseating) family on the list. This game sounds like something Ricky Gervais would do on Extras.

  3. Aya Says:

    OK then how about Ben Affleck, Michael Stipe, and Kelsey Grammer?

  4. yoko Says:

    mmmm… deer turd meatballs…

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