Why I can’t write a review on Matsuya.

Maybe it’s an ominous sign that my first blog entry as the Tokyo correspondent for Umami Mart is about being unsuccessful on my first assignment – write a review on Matsuya.
There are a slew of other teishoku (set meal) chain stores like Matsuya – i.e. Yoshinoya, すき家, etc. These are establishments that serve set meals and a la cart (see Menu picture) dishes. Lots of beef bowls, curry, rice with condiments, etc.

As an American girl, I find it hard to find these places inviting. They are usually lit excessively by rows and rows of fluorescent lights where under them sit rows and rows of stag diners – all male. This is definitely not a place to enjoy a meal – in fact, I think enjoyment is restricted. Meals run very, very cheap – a curry meal or a beef bowl for 300-400yen (about $2.50-3.50). With these prices, one must assume that ingredients come shipped in bags, prepackaged with preservatives.

I don’t consider myself a food snob, but it’ll take me a little more convincing to visit a Matsuya or Yoshinoya. Besides, I’d rather go to the local fish market and eat this (a hefty portion of shimesaba and fresh salmon sashimi) for 700yen (about $6) in the comfort of my own home. Lunchtime calls…

2 Responses to “Why I can’t write a review on Matsuya.”

  1. kayoko Says:

    that sashimi looks amazing. for 600 yen really??? now THAT is japan.

  2. kayoko Says:

    Oh shit! i’m watching the new japanese movie starring Ken Watanabe, Ashita no Kiyoku, or Memories of Tomorrow, and he just ran past Matsuya in the movie!!!

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