Itoen Jasmine Tea

It seems that every week, there’s a new drink which quietly sneaks up on you by simply showing up, unannounced, in your local vending machine. Japan is a culture of vending machine drinks. Apparently there’s one vending machine for every four people. So, keeping these machines profitable – means lots and lots of drinks – new drinks, comeback drinks, bootleg drinks, drinks with jelly, hot drinks, soup, the classics, “calorie off” drinks…
Anyway, this post is about a particular new drink – it probably came out a month or two ago – Itoen’s Jasmine Tea. In addition to the label being quite appealing – a spring-like floral pattern, the tea inside is equally appealing. The fragrant light brown colored liquid is also, like it’s exterior, floral. But good, floral – just a hint of spring floral tang – not like Elizabeth Taylor perfume floral. So for you folks living in Japan – indulge… before it gets replaced by a watered down 5% fruit juice drink that tastes like thinned-out, canned-fruit syrup.


One Response to “Itoen Jasmine Tea”

  1. kayoko Says:

    itoen is getting pretty big over here in ny, but the design will never get this good. they even opened a few restaurants over here that are pretty fancy- and they also did this pretty agressive ad campaign on the subway that i was surprised about.

    this reminds me- remember the drink Fruitopia from like 10 years back? god i still think about their cranberry-apple drink. it was so good, and the graphic design on it was great too. i remember going to Long’s after school like everyday and getting it. ah, suburban childhood… did it get any better than that? Longs and Fruitopia?

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