Cheapest Breakfast in the West

Since I live in San Diego and have the luxury of driving wherever my little heart desires for a beautiful Sunday morning breakfast (like70° outside), I choose to cross the street and dine at IKEA instead! Yes, I know this sounds soooo super ghetto, but guess what – shutup. I don’t know if I have the same degree of passion for food as some of you… I simply just like to put it in my mouth. Not too picky, but then again not too adventurous. So I stick with what’s good and in this case… butt cheap, greazzzy and filling. I am going to be feasting like the Queen of Misson Valley (center of San Diego, where I dwell) in about 20 minutes or so. I will be enjoying scrambled eggs, mmm bacon, sausage, waffles or Swedish pancakes and it comes with coffee. And here’s the best part! All for freakin $2.99!!!! Oh, but it gets better – I’m not tipping either! That’s right, it’s cafeteria style — seat my self and put my own tray on the kitchen rack when I’m done. Fancy feasting here I come!!!

2 Responses to “Cheapest Breakfast in the West”

  1. kayoko Says:

    sash, this is awesome. i too, love the ikea cafeteria- and if i had a car, i would also go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. everything is so cheap so i usually get everything i fancy at that moment– the swedish meatballs (a must), shrimp salad, apple cobbler. good call!

  2. yoko Says:

    They made an IKEA out in Chiba (about 50 minutes east of Tokyo) last year that I haven’t been to yet. This post makes me wanna hall my ass over there. Their soft serve is awesome too. And those free cookie samples.

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