japanese restaurant week 3/4-3/12

looks like a slew of japanese food companies and the tourism agency are putting on a Japanese Restaurant Week from sunday 3/4-monday 3/12 (odd dates, but i’ll take it). not quite sure what the prices will be like or what kind of “discount” it will end up being- i’m guessing they will all differ, seeing that there are restaurants of different price points on the list.

my recommendations are:
Gyu-Kaku (japanese style bbq)
Sakagura (awesome sake bar hidden under midtown, excellent desserts)
Soba-ya (i was just there last week- since the holy Honmura An has closed its doors for good, this is the best we’ve got now)

i hear that EN Brasserie is good as well, but a trendier crowd (hence $$$), but their homemade tofu is supposed to be excellent. Sushiden is a NY sushi establishment among japanese businessmen and of course, you’ve all heard of Nobu. i would warn against Minca and Sushi Samba, but with so many other great places on the list, you shouldn’t go there anyway.

i myself am extremely stoked to be going to Sugiyama, which is known for their “kaiseki ryori”- very traditional, very artful, very gorgeous. will let you know!


ps- i want to go to Donguri for a sushi bonanza- whoooo’s coming with me?


2 Responses to “japanese restaurant week 3/4-3/12”

  1. Aya Says:

    irwin took me to EN a little while back — actually it was right after Tears of the Black Tiger that crazy Thai western, anyway… — the tofu WAS amazing and the whole feel of the place, high high ceilings, steam pouring out of the open kitchen, square pool in the center of the restaurant, and more secluded private rooms in the back — it was like a combination of the bath house in SPIRITED AWAY and Janet Jackson’s bizarre asian-fetished “IF” video. pricey.

  2. Stacy Says:

    wow, awesome kayoko! I didn’t know about this at all, I am totally in.

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