green tea frenzy


*Matcha flavored low fat yogurt from Trader Joe’s. so effing good. creamy and tastes like green tea pudding. i guess they came out with other flavors under the “European Style” yogurt line- i highly recommend it, give it a whirl.

*Pinkberry– is this so last year or what? i first heard about this through my friend Beth a month back and since then everyone seems to be talking about it. even the NY Times did a whole feature on this frozen yogurt chain a few weeks back. i guess it’s been big in LA and it’s finally made it’s way over to NYC. i went to the one in Chelsea just this past weekend and i guess there’s another in Koreatown.

anyway, i think that what makes Pinkberry stand out is the fact that it actually TASTES like yogurt. it’s got that tartiness of it, which reminds you that you are eating chilly, icy yogurt, as opposed to god knows what that’s in Tasti Delight. there are only 2 flavors- plain and green tea- which makes it easy to choose. the green tea was a bit too tart which loses the flavor of the green tea, but pretty great that it’s a choice. the toppings are awesome- cap’n crunch, coco pebbles, juicy fresh fruit- but a cup of this stuff is pretty pricey ($5 for a plain small with 2 toppings), so it’s a good thing that they are not on every corner…yet…



4 Responses to “green tea frenzy”

  1. Aya Says:

    awesome! kayoko’s food blog! 待ってました!!!mmmm, will def look out for trader joe’s green tea froyo — although — i have to say I am offended by the trader j’s at union square. the lines, the out-of-stock-ness, just the whole frenzy of the “health” food phenomenon…

    i’m gonna link to you.

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Yummmm. Pinkberry. I thought LA was crazy, but it really does deserve all the hype. Did you forget to mention the crunch? The coca crunch sprinkled on top….now that is what i’m talking about!

    love you.v

  3. about Says:

    oh sweetie, TJ’s Matcha is just yogurt, not fro-yo. try it, it’s awesome!

    about the lines, my friend stacy and i have a strategy: one of us gets in line as soon as we get there, and the other does the shopping. then we switch! i sort of feel bad about that, but it’s survival of the fittest in there…

  4. yoko Says:

    High on top of the list of things-i-miss-in-the-states is TJs. I love – no wait, “lurve” TJs.

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