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food fight in my first post!

February 25, 2007

after years of talking about my elusive food blog, here it is! and while i’m not sure how this blog will manifest itself–how i will organize it, how often i will post, when i will figure out how to post pictures (help!), etc.– it will always be about food in one capacity or another.

and what fun! a food fight in my very first post! the curtain went up on wednesaday on Theater Chodorow, when he took up a full page ad in the NY Times (upwards of $30k!) to throw a hissy fit like small whiny child about Bruni’s zero star rating for his joke of a new restaurant, Kobe Club. read the letter for yourself here (article by former NYT Dining alum Mimi Sheraton).

my big questions is will Bruni respond? the sissy that he is, my guess is probably not. and while i couldn’t help but agree with Chodorow on a few points, mainly about Bruni’s consistency, all in all, we’re talking about about a man who renamed one of his defunct restaurants “Caviar and Bananas” and who thinks that having 2000 samurai swords dangling above you while you wait for your $200 steak would be a thrilling experience. and with the birth of his new blog, to review and rate every restaurant that Bruni reviews, calling it “Following Frank”. it seems that Chodorow is already onto his next gimmick– maybe i can ride that by starting a section, “Kayoko following Jeff following Frank”. whaddya think?